Covering the ascent of the United Arab Emirates’ space program

National Geographic | Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre

The UAE chose one man from thousands of eager applicants to take the first leap into space for his country. In September 2019, Hazzaa AlMansoori became the first UAE national in space. In conjunction with National Geographic, Reach For The Stars is the UAE’s burgeoning space program’s remarkable story.

Working closely with National Geographic and the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, New Romans produced multiple stories cataloguing the Middle Eastern country’s path toward becoming a spacefaring nation. Told through sponsored content on Nat, our coverage included the launch of the domestically produced KhalifaSat Earth Observation Satellite and AlMansoori’s journey towards being the first Emirati national to step aboard the International Space Station.

The project spanned three countries and included direct contact with key government figures, plus astronauts AlMansoori and compatriat, Sultan AlNeyadi. The project continues into 2021 with numerous articles and social media placements across the year.

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