Ancient Rome still helps to define us and the way we understand the modern world. In many ways it underpins everything from our culture to our politics and business.

As New Romans we aim to assist organisations understand and define themselves through the creation of compelling, relevant and engaging stories and content.

What makes us different? It’s how we partner with our clients. We’re in for the long term, sometimes sitting beside your people as we create award-winning content and communications, sometimes working separately to deliver our services at the scale your business needs.

Our Leaders

We’re a new kind of agency - a passionate posse of content creators, strategic thinkers, polished communicators and digital natives delivering your best stories globally. Meet our senior leadership team.


Anthony Spargo

Managing Partner


Andrew Dale

Director of Video Production


Jade Evans

Director of Social

Kylie McGrath

Kylie McGrath

Head of Design


Mark Eggleton



Jeremy Piper

Head of Photography

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders

Senior Consultant